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NFT Unique & breathtaking

AI generated images can be unique and highly detailed, making them perfect candidates for NFTs.

Marketing is Key for any NFT project to successed, with Magikal we got powerful partnerships,WL for major upcoming tokens listing and fun tournaments in store, STAY TUNED!!

Win Guaranteed cashbacks

With each NFT minted you're Guaranteed to win some rewards tokens when burning.

Burning NFTs will help keep the supply of magikal's NFT down, making them more scarce and valuable, and benefit the owner from instant rewards.

Big rewards

When Burning your NFT you'll receive random tokens rewards.
*Minting price : 3M

Each and every #Magikal #NFT you burn gives you a 100% reward with a minimum of 500k $MGKL guaranteed tokens, up to 15 million $MGKL tokens 🚀




Max magik!!

$MGKL Token holders will benefit from all profit generated by users minting the NFT.

, will help the $MGKL reach new highs 🚀



Connect MetaMask wallet

Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device.

Send ETH to your wallet

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) directly on MetaMask or transfer it to your Wallet from CEX or defi platforms .

Craft your Image

With the help of the super easy magikal UI, you'll become a pro designer in no time.

NFT art minted. Abracadabra!!

An Amazing AI generated NFT art will be rendered in seconds without no dev or designer experience needed.


  • Platform LaunchMar '23
    The Launch of Magikal v1.0 platform to be available for the public.
  • Custom Variation AIApr '23 will allow you to generate a variation of a your uploaded image, instantly and with a amazingly detailed NFT
  • Fully Customized ImageMay '23
    This Feature allows you to edit and extend an image by selecting on the image.
    Then you can tell the AI what you want to fill the void, and the it will be magikally blended with the image.

Magikal is joining the BlueZilla ecosystem

BlueZilla is on a mission to seed the cross-chain landscape with the platforms and projects that will help build out their ecosystems, deliver value to users, and move the blockchain industry forward as a whole.

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